After watching dozens of superhero films, I’ve often wondered how real flesh human beings would turn out if they gained super powers. Would they truly be an example of morality and righteousness like they show in Hollywood films? My second novel to date, The Stone Collector, defies this norm. Seven individuals obtain different super powers from seven mystical gemstones.

Just take a look at these powers and see if you, as a flawed human being would use these stones for “righteousness’ ” sake.

#1 Midas Stone 

I’m sure the name gives it away. And yes, in The Stone Collector, it is mentioned that perhaps King Midas himself got a hold of this stone and that’s how he got his power to turn whatever he touched into gold. In this case, the Midas stone’s power evolves into something much more powerful and deadly.

#2 Silver Stone

Gives the user the ability to travel through mirrors and yes, there’s a hidden reference in the book that shows that perhaps Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland,  had at one time owned this stone. Imagine if you could just excuse yourself from a boring dinner party, enter the bathroom, and just leap into a mirror to get out at a wild party in Amsterdam. Of course, there’d have to be another mirror for you to pop out of, but mirrors these days are everywhere.

#3 Soul Stone

Whoever gets this stone will acquire Knowledge. What kind it is would spoil the book so I will keep this to myself. As Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power,” and this is why I’m keeping the knowledge of the Soul Stone’s true power secret.

#4 Angel Stone

Gives its user the power to talk to spirits. Can you imagine what you could do with this? Perhaps you could get all your unanswered questions answered? Or would these answers come with a price? Bargaining with spirits is not an easy feat. And it’s hard to trick and gain the upper hand of those who’ve had a few centuries more to practice.

If this were its only power, the Angel Stone would be a powerful tool. But it also gives the user the ability to live without the need of food, water, or sleep. Yes, you are still a mortal, and you’d still die, but imagine the possibilities of having full 24 hour days at your disposal.

#5 Healing Stone

This is a simple one. Or at least, it appears that way. You touch someone, he or she gets healed of everything: scars, diseases, wounds or some chronic ailment. Perfect right? What could go wrong with such power? Perhaps nothing… unless… unless  it falls in the hands of a professional assassin.

#6 Dark Stone

This one is the polar-twin of the Healing Stone. Also known as the ‘touch of death’. Shake hands with your best friend, your uncle, your brother, and they are dead. Perhaps the professional assassin would have been happy to have this power. But AGAIN, things don’t always end in the right hands.

#7 Emerald Stone

You’d think growing all sorts of plant life is the lamest of powers. You’d think growing flowers and trees is in for a yawning session. But what if you want to use your power to find love. Will you find it?

What if you are being persecuted? Will you run away or will it give you a fighting chance? Don’t underestimate the power of the Emerald Stone.


As a regular human being, what would you do with any of such powers?

If you want to read more about The Stone Collector, you can find the book HERE.